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DIFK senior officials conducts a study visit at Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund (NBGF)


On 17 June, 2019, DIFK senior officials conducted a study visit at Norwegian Banks’ Guarantee Fund (NBGF).

During this study visit, DIFK Senior Finance Officer Mr. Vllaznim Bytyqi and DIFK Senior IT Officer Mr. Besmir Kuqi had opportunity to meet also colleagues from Korean Deposit Insurance Corporation (KDIC) which were on official visit at NBGF.

DIFK technical experts had opportunity to learn more about NBGF organisation, mandate and main functions. Key topics covered during study visit included topics such as deposit insurance coverage, presentation of NBGF pay-out system for reimbursement of depositors, member banks premium system and liability model. Other topics of interest which were subject of discussions between technical teams of both institutions included operational readiness activities related to contingency planning and stress testing.