About the System

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About the System

Deposit Insurance System has been established by the Law on Deposit Insurance in December 2010 and became effective in June 2011 with objective to protect small depositors and contribute to the financial stability. The system for Deposit Insurance is managed by the Deposit Insurance Fund of Kosovo (DIFK), an independent public entity, created and regulated with the Law on Deposit Insurance, whose task is to manage the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) with the main mandate to compensate within thirty days insured deposits in the case of license revocation and closure of a bank by the Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo (CBK).

The system for deposit insurance is mandatory for all deposit-taking financial institutions, currently banks, licensed to take deposit by CBK, except for foreign branches having home country insurance greater than provided by DIFK.

Deposit insurance protects deposits and guarantees compensation of insured depositors up to a statutory limit in the case of license revocation and bank closure.

Insured depositors that hold deposit(s) at a bank are:

•      Natural persons (private individuals) and

•      Legal persons (registered companies etc.)

Both Kosovan and foreign depositors depositing funds in the Kosovo banking system are insured.