What is DIF

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What is DIF

The Deposit Insurance Fund is an ex-ante funded scheme, accumulating funds through collection deposit insurance premiums from member banks.

The initial funding for DIF is provided by paid-in capital contributions by the Government of Republic of Kosovo, through Ministry of Finance (MoF) and the German Federal Government (through KfW).

The initial capital is provided to support the establishment of the deposit insurance system in Kosovo by capitalizing the DIF with EUR 15.5 million, where EUR 11 million are provided by the Government of Kosovo (through MoF) whereas the German Government (through KfW) has provided EUR 4.5 million. Part of financial commitment of the Government of Kosovo in amount of EUR 2.9 million was financed by IDA loan (through World Bank).

To support the increase of deposit insurance limit the German Government (through KfW) has increased capital contribution in amount of EUR 2 million.

DIF, main sources of finance are quarterly on–going premiums paid by members and the investment returns through investment activities.