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The investment guidelines represent the general policy framework for DIFK’s investment activities, in particular for deciding on the investments which DIFK is to pursue in a business year. The guidelines refer to the investment of available financial resources accumulated in the Deposit Insurance Fund in line with article 15 and 16 (as amended in Article 12 and 13) of the Laws on DI (Nr.03/L-216 and Nr.04/L-133).

Investment Guidelines of DIFK are authorized under Article 25, Article 19 and 22 of the LDI, Law No.03/L-216, and Article 20 in amended LDI, Law No.04/L-133.

The public awareness policy aims the public awareness on the deposit insurance system and its public policies, which are: Protection of small depositors from loss in the event of an insured event, ie. revocation of the license by the CBK of any member bank , and the support of the CBK in achieving its goal to increase the security, solvency and efficient functioning of a stable financial system   based on a market economy.

Public awareness is essential to ensure the effectiveness of the deposit insurance system.

Guide on the process of compensation of insured deposits depositors aims to explain the process of compensation and conditions for reimbursement of insured depositors in the insured event, in accordance with Law no. 03 / L-216 “On the establishment of deposit insurance system for financial institutions in Kosovo”, the Law No.04 / L-133 “On Amending the Law 03 / L-216 on establishment of deposit insurance system for financial institutions in Kosovo ” and in accordance with the” Regulation on procedures of insured depositors compensation “.