Vern McKinley

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Member of Managing Board

Vern McKinley has worked as an advisor for the IMF on an intermittent basis since 2008. He has also worked on projects funded by DFID, U.S. Treasury, World Bank, the EU and KfW. His primary focus has been on assessments and diagnostics of crisis management, financial institution and asset resolution and deposit insurance for banks and non-banks. He has worked on deposit insurance issues in 30 countries. McKinley was a member of the IMF FSAP teams for the Bahamas (twice), Kazakhstan, Vietnam and Zambia (crisis management, resolution, safety net) and has been involved in about 20 IMF technical assistance assignments on these topics. Prior to his time as a consultant, McKinley worked in supervision-, legal-, research-, deposit insurance- and liquidation-related positions for the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, the F.D.I.C., the Resolution Trust Corporation and the Treasury Department’s Office of Thrift Supervision. McKinley is the author (with James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal) of Borrowed Time: Two Centuries of Boom, Busts and Bailouts at Citi which was released through HarperCollins during August 2018.